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Students conducting a science experiment

CPO Science Core Curriculum:
Mastering Science by Doing Science

CPO Science core curriculum programs engage students through active investigation because we believe that mastery of science concepts comes from doing real science. The instructional design begins with an introductory hands-on investigation, followed by reading, applied investigations, and opportunities for re-teaching, challenging, and extending learning.

Our programs incorporate elements of STEM to help students make connections between the natural and designed worlds. Students come to understand the scientific need for technologies, apply their growing knowledge through processes of a scientific or engineering nature, and use mathematics as a means to communicate their acquired scientific information.

Look to CPO Science for the best in middle and high school integrated hands-on core curriculum. Select a program below to find out more.

High School Programs

Physical Science
Foundations of Physical Science

9th-10th Grade Physical Science

Physics: A First Course
Physics: A First Course

Algebra I-based Physics

Earth Science
Physical, Earth, and Space Science

9th-10th grade Integrated
Physical and Earth Science

Life Science
Foundations of Physics

Algebra II, Geometry, and
Trigonometry-based Physics

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